• I.L. Kolisnyk Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Ukraine)
  • Yu.K. Rezunenko Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)
  • O.D. Boiagina Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)
Keywords: active liver microsomes of hepatocytes, NAD (P) H-cytochrome-c-reductase, cytochrome P-450 and b5, sodium fluoride


The study was performed at the Department of Clinical Pathophysiology, Topographical Anatomy and Operative Surgery at Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in the framework of the research project “Radiotoxins pathochemical mechanisms on the body and methods of early diagnostics and correction”, state registration number 0117U000589. We studied the effect of small doses of sub-toxic sodium fluoride on the activity of microsomal hepatocytes in 40 Wistar rats populations in the subacute experiment. Analysis of results suggests the disruption of reductase activity of hepatocyte microsomes in experimental animals subjected to seeding with aqueous solutions of sodium fluoride at doses of 1/10 and 1/100 LD50, and as a result, the functioning of the electron-transport systems. Detected changes, especially on the 60th and in some cases also on the 50th day of oral administration of sodium fluoride, were associated with the restructuring of lipid environment of microsomal reductases as a result of formation of a significant amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS).The observed decrease in the overall pool of cytochrome P-450 on the 50th and especially on the 60th day of administration of sodium fluoride can be observed as an indicator of its inactivation process. The effect of inhibition of cytochrome P-450 in conditions of prolonged exposure to sodium fluoride is a rather significant fact in terms of structural integration membranes. The level of cytochrome b5 was characterized by an opposite change – an increase by 50% on the 50th day and a decrease by 47% on the 60th day of FS action. Increased activity of NAD (P) H-cytochrome-c-reductase in rats with administered sodium fluoride for one month can be considered on the one hand as a protective compensatory response, and on the other – as the cause of a more rapid flow of electrons from the reduced form of NAD (P) H in cytochrome P-450 and b5 and significant formation of ROS.


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