• I. P. Pashkovа Vinnitsa National Medical University named after. M. I. Pirogov
  • V.M. Zhebel Vinnitsa National Medical University named after. M. I. Pirogov
Keywords: essential hypertension, chronic heart failure, gene polymorphism of the brain natriuretic peptide, plasma concentration of brain natriuretic peptide, plasma concentration of endothelial natriuretic peptide


We investigated the organization of the brain natriuretic peptide gene (BNP T-381C) and plasma levels of BNP, CNP in male citizens of Podillia region in Ukraine with essential hypertension stage II and with its complications of chronic heart failure stage IIA. Genotyping of the BNP gene was conducted using polymerase chain reaction. The levels of BNP and CNP plasma concentrations were determined by ELISA. It was established that among practically healthy men and patients with essential hypertension of varying severity, the genotype Т381С and C allele of the BNP gene dominanted. The carriers of the C allele of the BNP gene have significantly higher plasma levels of brain and endothelial natriuretic peptides as against the control group and patients with essential hypertension. In addition, the highest levels of natriuretic peptides were determined in patients with symptoms of chronic heart failure stage IIA.


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