• M.M. Potyazhenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
  • T.V. Nastroga Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
  • N.L. Sokolyuk Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
  • O.E. Kitura Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
  • I.M. Gorodnytska Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
Keywords: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, patients’ quality of life


Introduction.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) remains one of the major health problems nowadays. The aim of the research was to increase the treatment efficiency for COPD group B patients by using antibiotics, mucolytics, topical nebulizer therapy and halotherapy sessions in combination therapy. The study enrolled 70 COPD group B patients, the average age of patients was 59.6±2.2 years. The diagnosis was made in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine as of June 27, 2013 № 555.Patients were divided into two groups. Patients of the first group (control, n=35) received basic therapy - azitrox 500 mg once day, acetylcysteine 200 mg - 2 times daily and combination bronchodilator therapy in the form of dose inhalercontaining fenoterol hydrobromide 50 mcg and ipratropium bromide 20 mcg (berodual H) - 2 times a day, anti-inflammatory therapy in the form of turbuhaler budesonide (pulmicort) 100 mcg twice a day for 7 days. Patients of the second group (main group, n=35) in addition to the basic therapy were prescribed double nebulizer therapy with the compressor nebulizer NEB-10 "Microlife" 2 times a day containing combined broncholytic agent fenoterol hydrobromide with ipratropium bromide (2 Freimid) diluted in 2 ml of saline; solution of budesonide (Pulmicort) nebulized 2 x 0.5 ml mg / mL=1.0 mg, dissolved in 2 ml of saline - 2 times a day №7; and additionally, starting on day 4, halotherapy sessions. Thus, the proposed combined therapy of COPD group B patients is more advanced and rational, it improves the effectiveness of basic medical therapy by optimizing the recovery and rehabilitation process, which has a positive effect on the improvement of the seven components of QOL, it is well tolerated and does not cause side effects.


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Potyazhenko, M., Nastroga, T., Sokolyuk, N., Kitura, O., & Gorodnytska, I. (2020). THE INFLUENCE OF RATIONAL COMBINATION THERAPY ON THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE. The Medical and Ecological Problems, 24(3-4), 11-14.