• Yu.V. Lysanets Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (Poltava)
  • O.M. Bieliaieva Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (Poltava)
  • L.B. Slipchenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (Poltava)
  • H.Yu. Morokhovets Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (Poltava)
Keywords: catenative verbs, Medical English for Academic Purposes, academic staff, PhD students


The English language training of researchers and teaching staff at medical universities has become a priority task in higher medical education. Catenative verbs constitute one of the most challenging aspects in learning English as a second language. The article examines the features of catenative verbs while teaching the course in professional English for PhD students and academic staff at higher medical educational institutions. The aim of the study was to examine and systematize the most common challenges in using consecutive verbs in medical English. The authors developed their own concept of presenting the training material, and the proposed approach was tested in the development of the textbook “Medical English for Academic Purposes” (2018), which was written in the context of current trends in internationalised higher education, involving the training of specialists who will work in the modern English language educational and scientific environment. The ability to use catenative verbs correctly is an essential prerequisite of successful communication, intercultural reciprocal understanding and international cooperation in the context of rapid development of integration in Ukraine, which renders the present research relevant. A series of training exercises were presented, aimed at clarifying the lexical peculiarities of modern English. The most commonly used consecutive verbs, their significance and contextual role in professional communication have been analyzed. The proposed system of didactic materials is intended to support courses in professional English for PhD students and academic staff at higher medical educational institutions. The study of consecutive verbs is important to eliminate possible mistakes and avoid misunderstanding in medical communication. The authors believe that the professional development of PhDs and academic and clinical teachers of English-speaking medical students will promote academic mobility, scientific cooperation and the training of foreign students to international standards, and thus contribute to the development of higher medical education in Ukraine.


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Lysanets, Y., Bieliaieva, O., Slipchenko, L., & Morokhovets, H. (2020). THE FOCUS ON CONSECUTIVE VERB CONSTRUCTIONS IN MEDICAL ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES. The Medical and Ecological Problems, 24(1-2), 16-19.

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