• M. Skrypnyk Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy Poltava, Ukraine
  • T. Petrushanko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy Poltava, Ukraine
  • T. Kryvoruchko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy Poltava, Ukraine
  • K. Neporada Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy Poltava, Ukraine
Keywords: periodontal diseases, obesity, prevention, overweight, periodontitis, caries, gingivitis.


Obesity prevalence has significantly increased especially in young adults, which is caused by a particular lifestyle, food quality and dietary behavior. Obesity leads to development of huge array of comorbid conditions such as arterial hypertonia, heart stroke, arthritis and other diseases. We conducted standard clinical examination of oral cavity of 154 young patients (18-21 years old) – all of them were students of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. It has been determined that the majority of patients with BMI >30 kg/cm2 have aggravated family heredity, in 66,2% cases one parent of obese students had obesity and 32,43% patients have both parents with obesity that is significantly higher compared with persons with normal BMI and overweight. There was a high prevalence of periodontal diseases about 74% and carious lesions of teeth - 97.4% among young people despite the age and contingent of examined patients - medical students. In patients with BMI >30 kg/cm2 prevalence of generalized forms of gingivitis and periodontitis was by three times higher compared with individuals with normal BMI. The values of oral hygienic indexes were poor in all examined groups, but their values were slightly lower in patients with normal BMI than in those with overweight and obesity. The prevalence of inflammatory changes in gums was higher in persons with obesity: all of them had a mild degree of lesions in periodontal tissues. Inflammatory processes in the gums were the most intense in patients with the second degree of obesity. According to the results of the study, the presence of the first and the second degree of obesity should be considered as a risk factor triggering periodontal tissues diseases. For persons with BMI >30 kg/cm2 with periodontal disease measures for the secondary prevention of inflammatory and inflammatory dystrophic periodontal diseases should be carried out and in persons without periodontal disease on the background of obesity measures primary prevention should be done.


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