• T. M. Popova Kharkiv national medical university, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: Laprol-604, surfactant, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, gestation day, postnatal day


The article introduces findings of the study on surfactant-induced effects on the growth and maturation of rat pups, prenatally exposed to Laprol-604. The adverse influence of Laprol-604 exposure on rat fetuses was identified in the immediate postnatal period (0-3 days) and later. Laprol-604 induced neonatal mortality within the period of three days, reduced litter size, resulted in low-birth-weight of progeny and a decrease in body weight gain in rat pups. Somatic growth retardation produced by Laprol-604 persisted during postnatal period and was accompanied by a delay in integumental morphogenesis of rat pups. Closer examination revealed an impact of Laprol-604 on delayed opening of the external auditory canal, resulting in an altered sequence of craniofacial development, such as the time of eyelid opening, incisor eruption.  Maternal Laprol-604 exposure adversely affected the release and erection of the pinna. In summary, Laprol-604 had dosage-dependent developmental toxicity effect on progeny of female rats exposed to Laprol-604 during gestational period.


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Popova, T. M. (2018). EVALUATION OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF RAT PUPS, PRENATALLY EXPOSED TO LAPROL-604. The Medical and Ecological Problems, 22(5-6), 19-21. https://doi.org/10.31718/mep.2018.22.5-6.04