• I.L. Kolisnyk Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Ukraine)
  • A.V. Titkova Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Ukraine)
  • Yu.K. Rezunenko Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)
  • O.D. Boiagina Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)
Keywords: the mitochondria's respiratory activity, rats.


The effect of small subtoxical doses of sodium fluoride on the activity of hepatocytes' microsoms on 30 Wistar rats' populations was studied in subacute experiments. The results indicate the disorder of mitochondrial respiratory activity of rats' hepatocytes during prolonged fluoride intoxication. Identified changes can be explained by the initiation of sodium fluoride free radical reactions and lipid peroxidation, whose products are the factors damaging membranes, including mitochondrial, where localized respiratory chain. Increased activity of the mitochondrial NADH-coenzymeQ-oxidoreductase action in the case of sodium fluoride at a dose 1/100 LD50, can probably be seen as a defensive response


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Kolisnyk, I., Titkova, A., Rezunenko, Y., & Boiagina, O. (2018). THE STRUCTURAL AND METABOLIC DISORDERS OF CELLS’ MEMBRANES IN EXPERIMENT. The Medical and Ecological Problems, 22(1-2), 57-59.