• I.A. Mormol Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava, Ukraine
  • O.A. Borzykh Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava, Ukraine
  • I.P. Kaidashev Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava, Ukraine
Keywords: polytrauma, hemopneumothorax, treatment tactics


Today, the issue of timely diagnosis and treatment of polytrauma remains highly relevant. Polytrauma is a severe pathological process that involves simultaneous onset and development of several pathological conditions and is characterized by underlying disorders of all types of metabolism, changes on the part of central nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory tract. The given clinical case proves us expediency of developing the personified approach to management of patients with polytrauma, using the individual algorithms.


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